Celebrating milestones at a distance

Celebrating milestones at a distance

In the last year, we got so used to watching significant milestones in the lives of our loved ones through a screen that can barely remember what it’s like to attend a party with other human beings. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to call our grandmother to teach her how to unmute herself a few more times before we can get back to our normal lives, so in the meanwhile what better way is there to show someone your deepest appreciation and love than a gift? Good thing we’re here to help. Click on the image to shop 💕

For a Birthday 🎂

We can’t think of a better occasion to give someone a gift than a birthday. Regardless if they choose to spend their special day opening a bottle of wine at home or host a picnic at the local park, our diamond zodiac pendant will be a great gentle reminder for the day the universe decided it could no longer exist with them.

For a Wedding 💍

Before all the tears and the drama, a wedding is all about celebrating the choice of two individuals to spend the rest of their lives together. Our Initials Atelier collection will be a great option for customizing a classic and unique gift for the happy couple with their initials on it.

For a Graduation 🎓

Celebrating any kind of accomplishment of loved ones is not only meaningful for them, considering the fact that you probably were the one they called when they were facing the real, hard world. We think that a piece from our gold vermeil collection that you can wear on an everyday basis to remind them of your love and support will be a great option.



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