Feel Good Diamond Jewelry

Feel Good Diamond Jewelry

Every day is an adventure worth living when you wear any of our Energy Gemstone String of Love bracelets. This updated take on our best-selling bracelet includes 14k recycled gold beads and beautiful ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds that will remind you to seize the day with every fiber of your being.

Wear one alone or stack it up to bring even more good energy into your life!

Citrine Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Abundance
The Citrine Gemstone Bracelet is perfect for those who want to experience a boost in positive energies in their life. This powerful gemstone will bring you both comfort and energy, helping you to imagine new possibilities for yourself while also making it easier to turn those possibilities into realities.
Black Onyx Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Protection
Let the energy of the Black Onyx gemstone guide and protect you through your life. It is said that this unique gemstone is good for helping one to be in control of their own destiny, grounding oneself and staying focused on what matters most.
Lapis Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Wisdom
The lapis gemstone bracelet is a symbol of wisdom, supporting mental clarity and openness, leading you to a deep inner knowing. Wearing this stunning lapis gemstone bracelet will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, allowing you to find the answers that are within yourself.
Apatite Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Inspiration
The passionate energies of the Apatite Gemstone is what sparks your creativity and helps you find new ways of looking at things. When you wear this stunning Apatite Gemstone Bracelet, you'll be able to tap into its ambitious energy which will make you think of new ideas and thoughts which will then lead you to a state of inspiration.
Aventurine Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Luck
The Aventurine Gemstone is the perfect way to start manifesting luck into your life! Its properties are said to offer opportunity and luck as well as reinforcing decisiveness, and your natural leadership skills. This beautiful stone will help you see the world with new eyes and open up your mind to limitless possibilities.
Rhodochrosite Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Compassion
Perfect for anyone who needs to feel more confident in themselves or needs some encouragement in their life, the Rhodochrosite gemstone is an empowering stone that helps you love yourself more deeply. With this love comes confidence in your own abilities to be compassionate to others and to lead your life with joy.
Celestite Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Mindfulness
Soaked in rich mystical properties, the most enchanting thing about the gorgeous Celestite gemstone is its special power to help you find your own personal balance. When you wear or carry celestite, you'll be able to feel more calm and content than ever before.
Red Agate Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Confidence
Agate, also known as the Guardian Stone is a powerful gemstone that can bring stability and security into your life. Agates have been known for their powers of healing, protection, and creativity for centuries. The energies from these stones can help sharpen your mental faculties and strengthen your willpower so that you can stay focused on what matters most in life.
Amethyst Gemstone String of Love Bracelet for Tranquility
The amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that is known for its soothing properties and abilities for emotional healing giving you a sense of peace and tranquility. This beautiful gemstone also alleviates sadness and grief, while also dissolving negativity. 



Live less out of habit, and more out of intent!

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