Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

When you don’t know what to get, Magal’s got you. 

With the holidays right around the corner, we know how difficult it can be to figure out what to get for those nearest and dearest. Luckily, we have a solution. With so many different people to shop for, at different ages, stages, and price ranges, our SOL Collection has something for everyone. And if that isn’t reason enough, our Holiday sales make prices even more attractive. 

For the New Mom: 

We know how exciting it is to be a first-time mother, and how much new moms love to show off their little ones as much as possible. This season get a new mom in your life a S.O.L personalized with their newborn’s name.


For Your Middle-Schooler: 

There’s no right age to start wearing jewelry; however, when your little ones are running around, playing sports, and having playdates, you don’t want to get them something that’s too fragile. The String of Love is made of Italian Waxed Cotton String, meaning it's durable enough to withstand rowdy kids.
For the Mother of 3: 

Your kids have all left for college and now you’re empty-nesters? No problem. Get your wife that little reminder that even though they’re growing up, they’ll always be her babies. This bracelet will keep your children close even when they’re physically far away.

For Your Wife: 

Get the woman in your life a piece that reminds her that you’re in this together. ‘The Two Of Us’ SOL displays two diamonds that together form an infinity, and this bracelet represents souls a forever kind of love.

For Dad: 

You may have him wrapped around your little finger, but now he’ll have you wrapped around his wrist. Get him a fine piece that means the most. 14k gold engraved with yours or your siblings’ names.


For the Best Older Brother: 

For the brother you look up to, but looks to you for fashion advice. He may have great advice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give him a few pointers when it comes to fashion. This fine and chic piece will sit effortlessly on his arm, and withstand all his day-to-day activities.

For Grandma:

This year, get her a piece that’ll put a smile on her face. You may be busy with your own life and not have time to see Grandma, but let her know she's always in your heart and give her a piece she can look down at and wear with pride.

Personalization Plate:

In addition, every single bracelet can be made all the more special with the option to engrave something personal on a plate at the bracelet closure. 

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