Stacking String of Love bracelets

Stacking String of Love bracelets

Our String of Love bracelets are just like M&M’s. You can’t just have one.
When it comes to our String of Love collection, the possibilities are endless: From the color of the string to the variety and pendants and an easy adjustable knot. All these qualities make stacking String of Love bracelets fun and hopefully, after reading this blog post, super easy!

Featured in this photo: the zodiac string of love and the three of us string of love

Did you know that our best-selling color is red? Not only can this color make your heart beat faster (Google it), but it looks good with everything! Try stacking a few red bracelets with different pendants.

Featured in this photo: the cross diamond string of love and the 3 studs diamond string of love

If you woke up feeling a little bolder, this section’s especially for you: Try stacking bracelets in different colors. Looking for some recommendations? The Sand & Camel ones are well-liked as they match most people’s skin tone, Pearl looks great with pretty much every outfit ever and you can’t go wrong with any shade of pink (Flamingo is our personal favorite).

 Featured in this photo: the string of love, the diamond & ruby evil eye bracelet and the diamond bezel bracelet

Here’s something a little outside the box: Stack your favorite String of Love bracelet with other metals and gemstones! It creates a diversified look that still manages to look cohesive and sparkly. 

Looking for more ideas? Visit our Instagram page now. It’s basically a vision board of string of love bracelets.

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